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Doç. Dr. Yavuz AKBULUT
Anadolu University
Faculty of Education
Department of Educational Sciences
Yunus Emre Campus
26470, Eskisehir
+90 (222) 335 0580


  1. Communication Matrix Turkish Adaptation Study (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2022-2023) - Advisor
  2. Adaptation of Auditory Performance and Home Inventory for Listening Difficulties Assessment Tools (FAPI-CHILD) for Children with Hearing Loss (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2022-2023) - Advisor
  3. Implications of Different Software Used for Confirmatory Factor Analyses for Construct Validity interpretations (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2021-2022) - Principal investigator
  4. The Development of the Mental Speed Test for Children (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2019-2021) – Principal investigator
  5. Implications of Different Factor Score Computation Methods for Parametric Test Results (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2018-2019) – Principal investigator
  6. Investigating the Role of Task Concurrency and Relevance on Learning Performance in Computer Mediated Multitasking Environments (Ege University Research Projects, 2017-2018) – Researcher
  7. The Role of Talent, Working Memory Capacity and Digital Technology Experience on Computer-Based Multitasking Performance (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey [TUBITAK], Project ID: 117K133, 2017-2018) – Principal investigator
  8. Cyberbullying Coping Strategies Among Students (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2017-2018) – Principal investigator
  9. Vision 2023: Opportunities, Risks, and Trends in Open and Distance Learning in Turkey (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2018-2019) – Advisor
  10. Provision of Training to Staff at Science-Experiment Centers Regarding Scenario-Based Expression Techniques and Investigation of Implications for Children Aged 7 Through 12 (Eskişehir Technical University Research Projects, 2017-2019) – Researcher
  11. Use of Information and Communication Technologies to Develop Research Skills: Design and Implementation of an Online Professional Development Program for Research Assistants (TUBITAK, Project ID: 116K121, 2016-2019) – Researcher
  12. Effect of Disfluency on Learning Outcomes, Metacognitive Judgements and Cognitive Load in Computer Assisted Learning Environments (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2016-2018) – Principal investigator
  13. The Effect of Using Electroencephalography Headsets on Performance During Computer Assisted Multitasking (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2015-2016) – Principal investigator
  14. Investigation of Pre-service Teachers’ Efficacy Perceptions Regarding Digital Wisdom (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2016-2017) – Researcher
  15. Effect of Different Multitasking Scenarios Realized in Different Physical Settings on Cognitive Load and Achievement (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey [TUBITAK], Project ID: 115K773, 2015-2016) – Principal investigator
  16. Development of a Learning Environment to Support Parents’ Competencies of Raising Digital Citizens (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey [TUBITAK] SOBAG, Project ID: 115K479, 2015-2018) – Researcher
  17. Exploration of the Influence of Physiological Context on Cognitive Load Through Electroencephalography During Computer Assisted Learning (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2015-2016) – Principal investigator
  18. Project IQ: Development and Standardization of the First Turkish Intelligence Scale (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2015-2017) – Advisor
  19. The Effects of Multi-tasking on Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey [TUBITAK], Project ID: 114K633, 2014-2015) – Principal investigator
  20. Investigation of Individual, Topical and Design-based Variables Influencing the Results of Data Collection Tools Administered in Different Environments (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2013-2014) – Principal investigator
  21. Identifying and Examining Pre-service IT Teachers’ Cyber-loafing Profiles with Regard to Various Variables (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2013-2014) – Researcher
  22. Morphological Processing in a Foreign Language: The Cases of Turkish and English (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey [TUBITAK], SOBAG, Project ID: 112K183, 2012-2015) – Advisor
  23. Effects of Persuasive Technology Use in Mathematics Instruction on Cognitive and Psychosocial Outcomes (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2012-2013) – Principal investigator
  24. Doctoral Studies in Research Methodologies (Erasmus Intensive Programme [IP], 17-30 June 2012; 6-20 June 2013) – Instructor
  25. Ebeveyn Grundtvig Workshop (European Union Education and Youth Programmes, 10-16 June 2012) – Instructor
  26. Instructional Use of Online Social Networks Among Preservice Information Technology Teachers (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2011-2014) – Principal investigator
  27. Identifying 8th Grade Students' Competencies Regarding Educational Technology Standards (Anadolu University Research Projects, 2011-2013) – Principal investigator
  28. ICT Action Competence (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey [TUBITAK] , The Support Programme for Scientific and Technological Research Projects, Project ID: 110K565, 2011-2013) – Researcher
  29. ETEPS-European Teacher Education for Primary Schools (EU Lifelong Learning Programme, 2007 - 2009) – Researcher
  30. Internet Use and Family Research (General Directorate of Family and Social Research, 2007-2008) – Researcher
  31. Factors Affecting Reading Comprehension in a Hypermedia Environment for Advanced Learners of English (Bogaziçi University Research Fund, 2002-2005) – Research assistant

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